Coupons Like White Cloud & Halo E Cigs

When purchasing electronic cigarettes and accessories, it is critical that you identify with precision what you need from companies like White Cloud and Halo E Cigs. You will discover that manufacturers have evolved the device to incorporate features that are tailored to reflect the needs of the current day consumer as we see with the Halo e cig coupon.

For example, where the customer prefers changing the flavors, they can buy products that have twin cartridges with offers such as refillable e-juice. Disposable e-cigs also have attractive coupon offers and are cheaper than the non-disposable counterparts as we see with the White Cloud coupon code. Having a coupon will therefore translate to relatively lower prices.

Fish or explore online in the numerous web pages that are offering electronic cigarette coupons that can be used when purchasing the products. By going online, you will find many sites offering different coupon rates. There are other sources where you can get this information, for instance company’s publications, magazines and newspapers. The coupons will give varying discounts and coupon rates, thus delve in as many sites to tilt the scales in your favor when it comes to purchasing your products.

Customers can also maximize their benefits by purchasing diverse products related to electronic cigarettes. For instance, you can buy starter kits alongside other accessories and increase the amount that is offered by the coupon codes.

Reaping the rewards of a coupon

Once you have acquired a coupon from a company like Halo cigs or White Cloud, you should take advantage of it before the offer has lapsed. You must know the relevant code of the voucher to benefit from the discounts that are offered. The coupon codes are offered by manufacturers and online retail shopping sites that are changed to suit consumer needs. The focal point should be the manufactures’’ web sites often to stay updated. You may also want sign up for the update emails or newsletters to get the relevant information.

You must also check on the peak seasons when the manufacturers have tendency to offer coupon and discount codes. Most companies will offer higher coupon or discount codes during holiday seasons.

It is also important that the electronic cigarette coupons are conforming to the terms such as expiration periods, the sum that attracts certain discount rates and submit the codes to the right web page. This way you can be able to save many dollars by diversifying your purchases online to maximize on the amount of money that is deducted when you get the codes. 

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Drug Abuse In Pregnancy


For pregnant women, it is imperative for her to maintain good health both for herself and her baby as the baby gets exposed to whatever the mother ingests and is thus addicted to the substance that the mother is addicted to.

All drugs may be harmful to the unborn baby whether they are prescribed, over the counter or illegal drugs and should be avoided immediately the mother decided to get pregnant. Some drugs are harmful at any stage of the pregnancy but others at particular ones only.

A recent study that was conducted in the United States shows that pregnant women within the age bracket of 15 – 44 years are more likely to abuse substance/drugs compared to their older counterparts and those within the age bracket of 15 – 17 are more likely to use illicit drugs compared to those who are not pregnant.

Organ formation stage

This is during the first weeks of pregnancy whereby the baby’s systems and organs are being formed. Here some drugs and most particularly alcohol can cause improper formation of the heart, facial features and the limbs.

Prenatal Growth Stage

At this stage the fetus grows both in size and in weight and certain drugs may affect the organs that are still developing. Continual use of drugs may lead to premature delivery or miscarriages. This can also lead to the delivery of low birth weight babies that might have future health problems or may result in death.

Birth stage

Addiction to some drugs like PCP abuse and Ketamine abuse are harmful at the end of the pregnancy and may cause complications during delivery or result in health problems for the baby.

In the United States the drug that is most widely abused by pregnant women is alcohol especially during the early stages of the pregnancy. Abuse of alcohol by pregnant women results in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(FAS) where there is retardation of growth in both pre and post natal development that include small head circumference, thin upper lip and low birth weight.

Abuse of alcohol may also result in Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) with signs such as short attention span and delayed speech that indicate that the child may have been exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.

Another commonly abused drug is nicotine. Nicotine is known to diffuse at a faster rate to the fetus and its concentrations may be higher than the maternal concentrations. From the tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide and nicotine can impair supply of oxygen to the fetus. Smoking during pregnancy may result in still births, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and respiratory failure.

Second hand exposure to cigarette smoke may also have an adverse effect on the fetus and may lead to low birth weight and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.

There are treatments that are used for the general public that are found to be particularly useful in treatment of pregnant women who abuse drugs. Behavioral treatment can also be used on pregnant women such as gift and privileges. Moreover, it is important to monitor pregnant women who are trying to stop drug use and abuse and to provide incentives that may help them to cope.

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Substance Abuse Amongst Seniors

The issue of drug abuse among seniors seems shockingly on the rise if the current trends are to be believed. Individuals that had actually lived their entire adults as teetotalers unexpectedly offer into the practice of substance abuse, which also consists of drug abuse, to mask a few of the problems and challenges they find themselves facing. Some of the challenges consist of loneliness which results from the loss of a spouse or kids moving out of the nest to begin their own families; as quoted with

Among the aspects that also play a big function in making it possible for substance abuse amongst seniors is prescription medicines. Due to their aging, senior citizens run into several troubles which wind up affecting them in several means and may also include wellness troubles, along with trouble in resting. This is a major problem for many of these senior citizens and in order to fix them their doctors prescribe some medications for them. The unfortunate truth is that they instead end up getting addicted to them.

Drug abuse, like Dilaudid, among elders has actually been rightly attributed to be amongst the fastest expanding medical care troubles in the entire country. It puts a substantial worry on the medical care market to such a phase where most senior citizens are not able to pursue health care for their trouble, choosing rather to continue in this practice on their own. It is remarkable that from the near to 35 million seniors in US, a massive 17 % of them are reputed to be straight impacted by the substance abuse trouble.

The variety of senior citizens involved in this trouble is anticipated to double by the end of the year 2020. This is a problem that will most likely be as a result of increase in prescription substance abuse. The introduction of prescription medicines as the one being abused the most by elders is down to the fact that these are the simplest to obtain. Nevertheless, marijuana is an additional medicine of choice that the seniors have actually been reported to abuse in increasing numbers from the really earliest days.

Perhaps among the current advancements which bring lots of home in regard to assisting resolve this trouble amongst elders is that it appears the attitude of the society has been altering a lot. This change of attitude can rightly be credited to the facts that have actually continued arising in regard to how modification of way of life negatively impacts on the life of these elders. Although the issues will not end within an extremely short time, there is still hope that terrific results will be attained.

Apart of trouble associated with dealing with the problem of substance abuse among senior citizens is the viewed failure of some health care specialists to properly detect this issue. Some health workers are also known to be of the opinion that treating elders suffering from this problem is a more difficult endeavor which success is not ensured. These are a few of the attitudes and exterior elements that need to be handled to in order to tackle this trouble.

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